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Minerals And Nutrients - Terence Q Coleman
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Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies Worldwide - Timothy Moore read more ...
Dehydration causes serious stress to the body. This can result in chronic disease of the liver, kidneys, heart, stomach, brain and skin

Minerals And Nutrients - Terence Q Coleman

All functions including the formation of blood, the performance and maintenance of the nervous system, and the formation and fortification of bones, teeth, skin, hair and nails require minerals. In addition, the body also requires minerals to effectively utilize vitamins and other nutrients.

The human body, as all of nature, must maintain its proper chemical balance. This balance depends on the levels of different minerals in the body tissues and fluids. A delicate balance exits in the body between different minerals, (especially the body fluids) therefore the levels of one mineral, is affected by the levels of every other mineral. So if one mineral is out of balance, all mineral levels are affected. If the imbalance is not corrected, this can start a chain reaction of imbalances which leads to illness.
Most trace elements need to be in ionic form to be well absorbed in the intestine. This means that they need to be dissolved in liquid (water) in order for them to be available to the body. Mineral deficiencies are generally due to a nutrient poor diet or an inability to absorb ingested minerals. Enzymes also depend on minerals for their function. In a state of mineral deficiency, the enzymes become sluggish or paralyzed, enzyme detoxification systems are impaired, and a state of disease develops.

"This is the beginning of many chronic disorders. Since the early clinical symptoms of mineral deficiency actually appear as enzymatic dysfunctions, they often go unrecognized. A good example of this is the pervasive magnesium deficiency among Americans. If not reversed, this state of absence of health evolves into a full expression of clinical disease". (Professor Majid Ali).
The macro minerals: This means the body requires these minerals in large quantities. These include calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and chlorine of which dietary supply is crucial because they are not universally distributed. When we look at the trace elements, dietary supply is just as crucial because some of the 16 are very scarce in food. We need only a tiny amount few thousandths of a gram of some trace elements, and a few millionths of a gram of others, such as iodine selenium, and the far lesser known trace elements, it may be thought that they are less important than say calcium, which we need in gram amounts, but this is not so. Recent science shows conclusively that if even one of the essential minerals is inadequately supplied, then the others cannot do their proper work. It is therefore best to find a product which has a broad spectrum of minerals and trace elements and that their presence can be verified by an independent laboratory analysis.

Although modern medicine does document basic mineral deficiencies in the population, it generally overlooks their significance. Instead of first respecting the natural alchemy of minerals and health,(and restoring the optimal mineral nutrition of the body) it employs powerful but inappropriate drugs to treat disease.

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, making up about 2% of an adult's body weight. In humans most of the calcium is found in bone and in the dentine and enamel of teeth. Scientists agree that the more acidic the body becomes, the more likely it will suffer from disease. Calcium has an important role in alkalizing the body fluids. Minerals are generally difficult to absorb and you need enough stomach acid to ionize them. It is therefore not appropriate to neutralize the stomach acid with any base substances. The minerals in seawater and coral-calcium occur in an ionized form which makes it very absorbable. Ionized calcium and mineral supplements can make a significant difference to your health, especially when taken together with all 75 minerals and trace elements.

A simple pH saliva test can determine the acidity level in your body fluids and indicate if you are calcium deficient. Alkaline minerals such as calcium will be leeched from the bones to buffer and neutralize any excess acidity in the body fluids around the cells, leading to serious degenerative diseases such as cancer and osteoporosis.

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The Best Internal Cleanser - Perry Arledge

Understanding the basics of how our digestive system works is vital to understanding personal health. Before we can fully grasp the extreme importance of internal cleansing, we must first know what's going on in there. So, let's start with a quick primer on the digestive system. read more ...

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Insufficient healthy bacteria in the gut can result in a compromised immune system, 80% of which is dependant upon intestinal health

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies Worldwide - Timothy Moore

A global progress report on the world's mineral and vitamin deficiencies shows that nearly one-third of the world's population is deficient in key vitamins and minerals. The worst affected countries are Mali, Burundi, Afghanistan, Angola and Burkina Faso. The report also suggests that the lack of proper nutrition affects child mortality rates, maternal health care, poverty and physical and academic potential.

The report on Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency (VMD) - or "hidden hunger", was a collaborative effort between The Micronutrient Initiative, a Canada- based non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating vitamin and mineral deficiencies worldwide, and Unicef, a United Nations mandated advocate for the protection of children's rights. The report included individual Damage Assessment Reports in 80 developing countries.

The VMD report states that all children have a right to a healthy, prosperous life and calls for vitamin and mineral rich foods and inexpensive supplements, while urging world governments to fight diseases that prevent vitamin and mineral absorption.

Vitamins and minerals are thought to be necessary to combat weak immune systems and to increase mental capacity. It is well known that a lack of proper nutrition can cause a range of health issues, from anemia and blindness to cretinism, a condition resulting in stunted physical and mental growth.

The report shed new light on other problems that are less known, such as intellectual impairments associated with iron deficiency, iodine deficiencies during pregnancy (causing 20 million infants a year to be born mentally impaired), and a vitamin A deficiency that causes weak immune systems, resulting in 1 million deaths each year in those under five. It was also reported that one in five people are deficient in the necessary mineral zinc, and that this deficiency increases the risk of pneumonia and diarrhea, further weakening the immune system and causing more complicated health issues.

The VMD also offered some solutions to these issues, suggesting public education, disease control to raise absorption levels, food fortification, and economical supplementation for those pregnant or of child bearing age. They VMD also calls for the food industry to create, promote and dispense these economical supplements and fortified food products, while calling on governments to support the control of vitamins and minerals through legislation and education.

The author of this article is Tim Moore, writing for Vitamins Stuff, a site that offers information on Vitamins and Alternative Medicine.

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There are around 500 different species of bacteria in the gut. One of the keys to good health is keeping the healthy bacteria in balance

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