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I am a practising Biofeedback Practitioner and have been using this incredible technology to conduct one-to-one wellness sessions and provide a hair analysis service since 2002. My main focus at present is providing hair analysis on behalf of healthcare professionals.

Over the years, I have completed training courses in nutrition, magnet therapy, tuning forks, phytotherapy, health food retailing, food hygiene and nutritional supplements. I am a member of the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA) and The Healer Foundation.

Some responses to the Health Synergy Hair Analysis Test ...

“Thank you so much for the speedy analysis of our hair samples - I'm amazed at the results! It confirms a few suspicions I had and has also highlighted many more things - very, very interesting, it already starts to explain quite a few symptoms. Thank you again for your very prompt response, I'm very impressed and grateful”

“Just a quickie to thank you most sincerely for your report, which I have just opened. It is so comprehensive! Thank you again for your help and extreme efficiency in this matter, I am very impressed!”

“Many thanks for your advice last week. My husband and I are steadily losing weight too, which is great. My husband says he feels a lot better, not so tired after his football last night, he has more energy too. Thanks once again.”

“Many thanks again for helping my sister with her little boy. She really appreciated the chat and since implementing your recommendations he has completely changed for the better, both feeding well and in personality i.e. he is a much happier little boy. Needless to say my sister is over the moon with the change.”

“I can’t THANK YOU enough for the info you have given me, loads of things to address, but at least I know where to start.”

“Thank you once again Hebe you have been so helpful.”

“I am very impressed with your findings.”

“The contents are so spot on, much more so than the .... Test which I had 3 years ago. I have been desperate to find a solution to my fuzzy head, fatigue and just not wanting to eat as everything seems to upset me, it has been exhausting at times. I feel so much better already just one week on. I cannot thank you enough and will recommend you without reservation. My son is next on your list. Sheer genius!!!!”

“Can’t believe quite how much I’m allergic to or have problems with, obviously why I feel so ill, or the things I’m lacking in, you have written what effects it is causing, I was reading thru it, nodding my head, yes, yes I’ve got that, and that, all the symptoms I have.”

“What has come up is so relevant and makes so much sense!”

“If I know of anyone that needs this test, I will definitely be recommending them to you!!!!”

“I do suffer from many of the issues you brought up ... you are right!”

I really can’t believe all the info you can get from a piece of hair, it’s quite incredible!”

“A HUGE THANK-YOU for all your help and advice! I feel like I am going somewhere for the first time in ages (THANK-YOU!!).”

“Book received - thanks very much for both. Very impressed, will be recommending you.”

“Just to let you know that I received the report yesterday and I was pleased with the report contents. Thank you for the good service, my wife said she would be in touch to have the hair analysis done.”

“It is something I will definitely recommend to my friends!”

“Wow - fantastic report!”

“Many thanks, the report is excellent value for money. It really gives you areas to focus on.”

“Thank you very much for my Hair Analysis which I received today. It made a lot of sense, I was very impressed.”

“I am feeling very positive about it and so amazed that your hair can show so much about you - once again, a million thanks!”

“I will definitely be recommending this report to others and by the way, 'Good Gut Healing' is a fantastic book.”

“Thank you for the report .... it looks pretty spot-on and very interesting.”

“I am very impressed with such a detailed report, it all makes sense that why I have those symptoms, wow, just a few hair reveals that much information.”

“Thanks very much for the hair analysis; made a lot of sense. I'm very impressed and will recommend to my friends. Once again, many thanks.”

“I found my report fascinating!”

“Wow! Amazing, I can't believe what you have picked up on. I can relate and understand all of it! Thanks so much, well worth every penny. ”

“Thank you so much for doing the test for me. Your test IS accurate and well worth spending the money. Thanks again for your help. I can't thank you enough!”

“Thank you for your report. It is remarkably accurate in that I do know I have these allergys that you highlighted.”

“Thank you so much for my hair analysis profile, it is incredibly insightful, I never knew that this was occuring in my body due to my lifestyle. A real eye opener and I appreciate you sending this so quickly and in so much detail. Appreciate the free gift as well. Thank you once again for all your help and support.”

“On receipt of your analysis I started adjusting my diet accordingly. (I have not eaten any of the foods highlighted in yellow or red and cut out diary altogether for some 3 months now). The difference has been absolutely amazing - with no bloating at all - so thank you!”

“Thank you for the report I am impressed. I am going to pay you for one more test for my girlfriend.”

"My hair analysis received last week is simply spot on. I had started to doubt my own sanity as eating just seems to make me feel ill - such enlightenment at last.”

Some Of The Many Testimonials ...

"I count the day that I walked past the Bay Tree in Penny's Walk, Ferndown and picked up a leaflet on the subject of Bioresonance as a very fortunate day in my life.

I had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue/M.E. some ten years earlier, and had been given no help or support whatsoever ... consequently I felt totally and utterly let down by the ... allopathic system of medicine. I was trapped in a dark and lonely place by an illness which no-one understood and for which there was no cure.

I had two choices. Either I could turn my face to the walland give up, or I could try and help myself with the very limited physical and mental resources available to me at that time. I then embarked on a self-help quest for knowledge about the M.E. condition, reading every scrap of information that I could lay my hands on and trying any form of alternative medicine that I thought might be of benefit to me in any way, either by helping to alleviate my symptoms or at least helping me back to some semblance of living a life - rather than just existing.

That was how I came to the Bioresonance System. It was something new that I had not tried before, and after such a long and expensive roller coaster journey of hope, despair, exploitation and disappointments, I felt I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, so why not go for it? I was so very impressed with the results of the first session that I had with Hebe, and all the others (sessions) consequently. It is such a wonderful and comprehensive system that was able to pinpoint all the things that were wrong, lacking or malfunctioning in my body in one session. AT LAST! I had been on a ten year search just to arrive at this point in time.

When you know what is wrong, then at least you are armed with a starting point from which you can begin to put things right, and with Hebe's tremendous help, support and advice, I now feel I have begun the journey back to a better quality of life. It may take me a while to get there, but at least I'm on the way! I cannot sing the praises of the Bioresonance System or Hebe too highly. Together they make a great team. My grateful thanks to them both - and for giving me hope once more".

J Whale

"I have seen Hebe twice now concerning the general state of my health, in particular regarding my very bad skin condition and general lethargy. I was pretty close to my wits' end after years of general practice medicine and my skin was so bad that I used to tell people I felt like a leper and sometimes looked like one too. Hebe prescribed a series of treatments at my first visit and the impact was pretty immediate. My skin is in better condition now than it has been for many years. At the second visit treatments were adjusted to suit the progress made. My skin is not what you could call perfect, but for me it's a major improvement. I have the odd breakout but now I can get it under control much more quickly, whereas before it would just run riot. My general energy levels are much better too."

M Brooks

"When I first went to Hebe I was just about at the end of my tether. I was bloated, overweight, tired, spotty, having occasional migraines and menstrual problems. Having been to the doctor for blood tests, which came back negative, I was told that it was my age! It was time to try something else. Natural therapies have always interested and fascinated me, so I thought it was time to try. I was made very comfortable and Hebe explained everything that was happening. At the first session, it transpired that there were several food sensitivities along with a sluggish system. I was given some treatments and started on some supplements which Hebe also recommended. I returned to see Hebe after approximately four weeks and was starting to feel the benefits of cutting out some foods. It had been the first weekend for a long time that I hadn't needed a sleep during the day. I really felt like I'd turned a corner. My system was showing a marked improvement. I also started exercising again, something I'd had no energy for in a long time. Since first discovering Hebe I have lost approximately one and a half stone in weight, my skin has cleared, the headaches have disappeared, I have bags of energy and feel wonderful!"

L Sultan

"Our son was a perfectly happy, healthy two and a half year old when he started coming down with mystery viruses. About every two weeks or so we would take him to the doctor with a rash and very near hysterical behaviour. Week after week we were told it was a virus. After several months, we suggested that it might be a food allergy. Our doctor told us that we could try taking out different foods from our son's diet if we wanted to - needless to say, we didn't go back very often after that! We all suffered in silence and our once happy boy became more and more frustrated and uncontrollable. The only thing we could do with him was to put him to bed until the episode passed, sometimes up to four times a day. During the week our son, daughter and I managed to get by reasonably ok, but at the weekends it was almost unbearable; it seemed so much worse when Daddy was home. Just before our son's fourth birthday, we became quite desperate and started asking about private allergy testing. We heard about Hebe and made an appointment. We decided to let Hebe test for food intolerances but not to let her treat our son. We were very unsure about it all. However, Hebe and the computer told us so many things about our son that we immediately changed our minds. Various sensitivities showed up and finally we knew why he was so much worse at the weekend when Daddy was home - in my bid to make weekends special, I was giving my son all the things which we now found he was sensitive to. Hebe treated our son and recommended various supplements. Armed with all of this we went home and had the worst two weeks ever! However, we later realised that in our bid to get our son better, we had done things too quickly. After the third session with Hebe, we had our son back. I cannot tell you how drastic the change has been - all of a sudden he was confident (he had hardly spoken to anyone but family since he was two and a half years old), happy and easygoing - all the things that we knew he was, but something had been getting in the way. Not a single person that had known him before and after failed to comment on the drastic change. He is a constant joy to us all. We praise God for leading us to Hebe."

J Dowling

"After having my daughter six years ago, I had never really got my health back to normal. I found I was always tired, even after a good night's sleep. I was always getting throat and ear infections and colds. My skin would would always be dry and would break out in acne quite a lot. I would be very snappy and would have mood swings. The doctors were no help at all. I had heard about Hebe and bioresonance and decided to make an appointment. After going to Hebe things have changed for the better. I haven't had any infections, my skin is improved, I have loads of energy and can get up easier in the mornings. I am feeling a lot happier and find everyday life and stresses a lot easier to deal with. I am very glad that I went to see Hebe. I can honestly say that this has done me the world of good and I would highly recommend her."

J Fraser

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