Nutritional Supplements

In order to ensure maximum absorption, quality of supplements is vital. This does not necessarily mean that they need to be expensive, simply good quality.

The Finchley Clinic

The Finchley Clinic offers a wide range of quality supplements to suit all requirements, including digestive health, detoxification, candida, energy boosters, weight management and much more. Click on the banners for more information.

Oxygen Elements Max

Antioxidant (therefore slows down biological aging)
• Deters unhealthy bacteria and viruses
• Deters candida and fungal overgrowth
• Supports the immune system
• May help prevent illness

Oxygen Elements Max may help reduce the symptoms of :
• Candida overgrowth concerns
• Respiratory / breathing problems
• Hayfever
• Chronic fatigue
• Joint pain (arthritis)
• Skin conditions

Oxy Powder

• Is a high quality oxygen based colon cleanser
• Aids in cleansing & oxygenating both small & large intestine
• Aids in removing unwanted waste matter & extra weight
• Promotes optimal colon health
• Is a perfect start to any new diet plan
• Helps promote friendly intestinal flora
• Is widely used throughout the world
• Has no side effects like laxatives
• Comes in easy to take vegetarian capsules

Full Fungal Screen PLUS Intestinal Parasites

Test 3: Intestinal Candida, Fungi & Parasites

• Persistent diarrhoea or alternating diarrhoea and constipation
• Attacks of sweating or feeling cold
• Fever
• Colic like pains
• Hunger attacks which alternate with times of no appetite
• Persistent cough
• Weight loss
• Anal itching
• Anaemia
• Symptoms following foreign travel

Bio-Kult 120 Capsules

Bio-Kult was formulated by a team of doctors, nutritionists and scientists dedicated to advancing the research and use of probiotic health supplements.
Bio-Kult may be helpful for individuals with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Gut Dysbiosis, Candida, Autism & Autistic Disorders, Travellers Tummy and Post Antibiotic Diarrhoea. Bio-Kult is an excellent all round probiotic for intestinal balance and integrity. It can also be very useful for those severe candida sufferers for whom Threelac is too strong initially. It may also be beneficial for those seeking a good gut maintenance product once candida has been brought under control.

Bio-Kult Candea

Bio-Kult Candea contains:
• Seven strains of probiotic bacteria to reinforce the gut microflora, helping to prevent
• Candida from finding sites in the gut to grow. They also lower the gut pH so that Candida spp., which prefer a more alkaline environment, cannot thrive.
• Garlic and grapefruit seed extract – proven natural antifungals. These are also proven to be compatible with the probiotic bacteria in Bio-Kult Candea.
• Taken daily it can help strengthen the body’s natural defences against candidiasis and may help to prevent Candida changing from its yeast-like form to the invasive filamentous fungus form.

Bowel Calm

Optibac offer a range of excellent probiotics (healthy gut flora), for both adults and children.

From 6 months onwards, introducing For your child's health into your child's diet supports the development of friendly probiotic bacteria promoting good digestive health and supporting natural immune defences. Medical research shows that good probiotic levels helps support digestion, immunity and energy for infants and children, in particular:
• Formula fed infants
• Infants & young children during and after antibiotic therapy
• Infants delivered by caesarean section
• Premature infants
• Infants & children with digestive problems such as colic, diarrhoea, constipation and lactose intolerance
• Infants & children with allergies and skin irritations such as eczema

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