Hair Analysis Service for Healthcare Professionals

Health Synergy was established in 2002. Initially working with clients on a one-to-one basis, the hair testing service was brought into being to help those for whom personal appointments were impractical. Over the years hair analysis has become my main focus and Health Synergy has become a leading provider within this field.

I work with a wide range of clinics and practitioners in the healthcare industry both within the UK and overseas including nutritional therapists, naturopaths, massage therapists, reflexologists, psychotherapists and certified nurses.

If you feel that your clients need a little more help in order to regain their health, hair analysis could provide valuable benefits to your practice. Once problem areas are identified, assisting your clients can be even more rewarding – a fusion of the hair test results and your own methodology.

What Is Tested?
This comprehensive hair test helps to identify food sensitivities (over 150 foods are tested) as well as vitamin and mineral deficiencies. It also indicates imbalances in digestive health as well as other vital aspects which need to be considered in any health plan. Addressing these issues can underpin the journey to better health.

Results are provided in a 17-22 page report that is easily interpreted – coloured charts are included for ease of reference and guidance is given on each area of imbalance.

Fast Service
Testing is usually completed within five working days of my receiving the hair sample, after which the report is emailed to you.

About The Test
Hair tests are carried out using one of the most advanced and specialised bioresonance systems currently available. The test scans and analyses the energy field contained in the hair sample; this helps to indicate issues which may require attention. It focuses on identifying underlying issues with a view to addressing these through natural remedies and complementary medicine.

The test is based on the principle that every material structure in the universe radiates a unique energy signature – as individuals we are in fact frequency receivers, transducers and transmitters. Frequency patterns are used to conduct a “conversation” with the body and through the process of resonance are able to identify the body’s response. In effect, it seeks out imbalances which are putting a stress on the system.

Science now recognizes that we are electrical bodies; each organ, tissue, cell and emotion has its own unique energetic signature. Everyone has their own unique fingerprint identity and similarly, our body has its own energy patterns with different electromagnetic oscillations. Scientific research has proved that the human body's electrical fields can be measured; this advanced computerised system has the ability to use these natural frequencies to provide a comprehensive wellness check.

Taking This Forward
The practitioner/clinic package is straightforward and the process is easy to follow. A small lock of hair together with a completed questionnaire would be required from your client in order to carry out the test.

Please contact me if you would like to know more about the hair testing service I offer, supplying details of your practice and location.

I am a member of the following organisations:

British Complementary Medicine Assoc (BCMA)
The Healer Foundation

“Thank you for my analysis results! I so was impressed with the thoroughness of the report that I feel many of my clients would benefit from this also. Your hair analysis test has sparked off an interest not only from myself but also from my clients.”

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