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* 51.95* 17-20 Page Report

Hair Analysis

Welcome to Health Synergy, one of the leading companies in the field of Hair Analysis.

Testing is carried out with cutting-edge technology, using one of the most advanced Certified Class 11 Medical Devices available in the world today. I work to high standards and offer a professional, comprehensive yet affordable hair testing service.

In addition to offering hair analysis to private individuals, I also conduct hair testing on behalf of healthcare clinics and complementary health practitioners throughout the UK as well as abroad.

Hair Analysis not only identifies food sensitivities and vitamin and mineral deficiencies it also helps to indicate imbalances in digestive health and gut flora, which are vital aspects to consider in any health plan. Addressing these areas frequently helps to improve the multitude of health issues people can frequently struggle to overcome.

Results are provided in a 17-20 page straightforward and easily interpreted emailed report. Coloured charts are included for easy reference and guidance is given on each area of imbalance.

Causes Of Ill Health

Stress, poor diet, malabsorption, toxic overload, nutritional deficiencies, dehydration and over-acidity in the body can all be contributing factors leading to ill-health. You may feel tired and be under-performing, experience poor digestion, have joint pain, suffer from more than the occasional headache, can’t think straight ... or just don't feel quite right. You may even have considered allergy testing but don't know where to begin.

Food sensitivity appears to be on the increase and surveys show that upwards of 45% of the population are affected. If you suffer from any of the symptoms below, then you may have food sensitivities, vitamin/mineral deficiencies or excess toxins in your body.

Hair Testing. Library Image: Woman Headache

Some Symptoms ...

Digestive problems ~ Constipation

Fatigue ~ Joint pain ~ Headaches

Skin conditions ~ Hair loss

Get up and go has got up and gone!

What Causes A Food Sensitivity?

Causes can range from enzyme deficiency in the gut, to particles of food passing from the gut into the bloodstream before being properly broken down. Poor diet and stress also take their toll on the body, all of which can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, organ imbalance and toxic overload.

Symptoms of food sensitivity vary and include IBS, poor digestion, fatigue, headaches, weight gain, aching muscles, anxiety, mouth ulcers and sinus problems. Once the antagonists have been identified and the body is rebalanced, most food sensitivities can be successfully overcome and the body restored to good health.

Your Hair Analysis - What Is Included?

Well over 150 foods are tested for in this comprehensive hair analysis (see full list in Items Tested), plus vitamin and mineral deficiencies and many other important areas. The test results provide a guide as to which health issues may need to be addressed, including:

Food Sensitivities ~~ Vitamin Deficiencies ~~ Mineral Deficiencies

Digestive System ~~ Gut Flora Balance ~~ Hydration

Dietary Adjustments ~~ Suggested Supplements

Specially selected information sheets specific to your needs

I wanted to tell you that our daughter, Jemima, who you tested last April, is so, so, so much better. The ghastly M.E is a thing of the past (with management) but I wholeheartedly believe that by changing her diet and taking supplements for things she was chronically lacking has made the biggest impact. We still follow the regime - and my husband has just sent his hair off for analysis to you! THANK YOU SO MUCH. Lucy Jones.

Your Report

Your detailed personal report (17-20 pages) indicates areas of imbalance as indicated above. Full information is supplied on each issue requiring attention, together with guidance to help you regain improved health and well-being. You will also receive a selection of information leaflets.

I do not waste your time by producing complicated graphs containing numbers which require interpretation - simple colour-coded charts which are straightforward to follow are included for easy reference.

Reports are emailed seven days after receipt of the hair sample (excluding Sundays and bank holidays).

Further information on the technology I use for hair testing can be found here.

“The quality and quantity of your report is excellent, thank you so much.” TF, St Peter

Charges & Ordering

A Hair Analysis Test costs 51.95 inclusive.

Payment is submitted via PayPal, the world's largest secure online payment company (I do not have access to your card details). You do NOT need a PayPal account for your order to be processed, just a credit or debit card (go to the bottom of the PayPal page to choose the credit/debit card option).

If using a PayPal account with a separate email address, please contact me with the email address you would prefer to be contacted at to ensure you receive information on how to send your hair sample.

To order your Health Synergy Hair Analysis, please click on one of the PayPal icons below:

Note: Once your payment has been received, you will receive an automatic PayPal acknowledgement. An email from me detailing how to send your hair sample will be sent within 24 hours during weekdays.

One Adult Test ~ 51.95

** SPECIAL OFFER ** 10% Discount For Two Adult Tests ~ 93.50

Child's Test

Please contact me for further details and price, informing me of your child's age.

Health Synergy

Health Synergy came into being in 2003, offering personal one-to-one consultations. My website followed on shortly afterwards in order to provide a hair analysis service for those unable to attend personal consultations.

I hope that you will find this service of benefit and the resources useful.

Hair Testing. Library Image: Sunflower FieldHealth Synergy provides the following services:

Hair Analysis: the Health Synergy hair test is an effective way of establishing food sensitivities and vitamin deficiencies/mineral deficiencies, digestive health etc.

Wellness Sessions: one-to-one appointments for food intolerance testing, vitamin/mineral check, digestion and other areas of imbalance.

Whether you are interested in hair analysis or a one-to-one appointment, I hope that you will use Health Synergy as a support in your quest for health and well-being.

I am a member of the following organisations:

British Complementary Medicine Assoc (BCMA)
The Healer Foundation

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Private allergy testing can be expensive. Why not use Health Synergy for your hair analysis , a hair test which includes food sensitivity, vitamin deficiencies, mineral deficiencies, digestion and IBS , plus much more, all covered in a comprehensive and straightforward report.
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